Stadium A-Z Guide

List of prohibited items
List of allowed items

ADA Accessibility

To finish data on ADA Accessibility at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park, go to ADA Accessibility page.


The road address for LIVESTRONG Sporting Park is: One Sporting Way, Kansas City, KS 66111.

Path Course

With the goal that your kindred the Kansas City Sporting followers don’t lose any of the activity on the stadium, LIVESTRONG Sporting Park service could request that suitors hold up at the highest point of the passageway till the time the outside point or until the point when a time out in the activity of regular politeness for all observers.

Liquor Heading

Personell individuals in the LIVESTRONG unequivocally urge all admirers to practice capable utilization of mixed drinks. Fans ought to know about the accompanying approaches amid Sporting Kansas City fits and every real occasion:

· Every admirer hinted at debilitation or potentially inebriation will be disallowed to enter or might be expelled from the LIVESTRONG.

· No mixed drinks allowed at the gaming field. All endeavors for getting liquor to a ballpark or ownership of a mixed refreshment not acquired from LIVESTRONG may bring about discharge. No mixed drinks sold on the athletic field territory they can bring from the Sporting Park.

· The Kansas state acts precludes the offer of mixed drinks to people younger 21. All followers ought to be set up to indicate legitimate distinguishing proof if asked for by the transfer personnel part.

· Concessionaire staff individuals maintain whatever authority is needed to refuse any assistance to fans that hint at disability or potentially inebriation.

· Admirers giving mixed drinks to people younger than 21 might be shot out from LIVESTRONG Sporting Park and subject to capture.

· Followers having liquor that don’t have legitimate distinguishing proof when asked for by a grant or security staff part might be shot out.

· A most extreme of two mixed refreshments will be sold per individual per exchange.

· Liquor drinks deals in the common sits sector territories of LIVESTRONG Sporting Park will end at the 80 minute stamp for Sporting Kansas City recreations. Liquor deal finishing time will change for other ballpark events.

· It is the obligation of every visitor to guarantee that they have a sheltered methods for moving while going away.

· Athletic field administration maintains whatever authority is needed to remake the strategies above and systems whenever without preceding notification to admirers.


Itinerary, flag and administration creatures are are not allowed to enter to the LIVESTRONG with followers thatrequire their hand (live administration creatures as it were). Domestic animals or different creatures are permitted. Administration ape-men are precluded.

Mechanized Teller Machines (ATMs)

ATMs are situated close segments 112 and 122 on the principle concourse level. What’s more, an ATM is situated in the Members Club for visitors with substantial card to enter.

Child Changing Stations

All men’s, ladies’ and family WC’s at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park are furnished with infant evolving stations.

Flags and Signs

Wearing Club fans are urged to demonstrate their help and may bring pennants, banners and signs gave the thing falls inside the accompanying rules:

· Flags or notices no more noteworthy in estimate than 3′ x 5′ as long as they don’t cover any stadium or occasion signage and don’t contain business messages or hostile material. The special case to this lead is THECOOLTV Members’ Club seating area where there is no size point of confinement.

· Flags or publications on shafts are just permitted in THECOOLTV Members’ Club seating area.

· Item may not contain or show any foul, hostile, realistic or revolting dialect or potentially pictures as dictated by LIVESTRONG Sporting Park.

· Item may not be taped, stuck or secured utilizing a cement specialist of any sort

· The hanging of a thing may not at all harm the stadium dividers, paint, railings, glass or some other stadium property

· Item may not contain business or political messages of any sort.

· Items must be made of a paper or lightweight fabric like material. Signs can’t use wood, metal or comparative sorts of materials for help.

Signage not allowed inside LIVESTRONG Sporting Park might be discarded by stadium security unless the visitor wishes to return it to their vehicle. The choice with respect to the suitability or potentially posting of any standard or sign is at the sole tact of LIVESTRONG Sporting Park and Sporting Club administration.

Bike Parking

There are presently no bicycle rack areas outside the LIVESTRONG for followers that ride a non-mechanized bike.

Packing Materials

Admirers are not be aloowed to bring any sort of jug, canwith drinks, boxing compartment inside LIVESTRONG Sporting Park. Guardians with little youngsters can haveplastic jugs of equation or drain through the ballpark.

Film industry

Situated on the west and east sides of the athletic field, the LIVESTRONG case workplaces will open three hours preceding commencement on Sporting KC diversion days. Ticketmaster Will Call can be guaranteed here with a substantial charge slip and type of State or Government photograph recognizable proof.

Tickets for other ballpark occasions can likewise be bought here. Film industry time is going to fluctuate for all not about football stadium occasions (ex: shows) and visitors can go to and tap on occasions to get better data.

Monday – Friday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Saturday: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Sorts of Payment Accepted – Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Credit Cards


Admirers can have individual, still-photograph cameras to catch the exceptional moments from the game at the LIVESTRONG.
Providing goods

Every nourishment administration at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park is dealt with by KC American Sportservice. For better data on keeping your extraordinary occasion at the ballpark, feel free to send your letters to or call 913-912-7517.

Every cooking gave by organizations outside of the field is prohibited inside of the LIVESTRONG or anyplace else on athletic field property.


Telephones are allowed inside the LIVESTRONG. We tell to the followers, in any case, to ensure that their PDA discussions are not problematic for the people situated nearby.

Tyke Locator Wristbands

LIVESTRONG Sporting Park has tyke locator wristbands accessible at all Guest Relations areas. The youngster’s ticket area or contact telephone number can be composed on the wristband in the occasion a tyke gets isolated from their gathering. The Guest Relations workplaces are situated along the fundamental concourse (close segments 101 and 132).

Kids’ Card Course

Kids aged from 2 years or more youthful are not prohibited inside LIVESTRONG Sporting Park without a card gave they place in a card holder’s lap, thus long as the kid does not block the perspective of others close-by.

Biting Tobacco

It’s prohibited to have or utilize all biting tobacco types inside the LIVESTRONG amid occasions. In the event that biting tobacco is found to the gaming field, card holder must discard it quickly or confront conceivable ballpark launch.

Compliments and Concerns
We esteem the compliments and worries from all admirers that come to the LIVESTRONG. They can express their remarks face to face at both of the two Guest Relations workplaces, situated on the fundamental conjunction. Composed input can be sent through the LIVESTRONG Sporting Park site at:

Assigned Driver Program

Donning Club, LIVESTRONG Sporting Park, Anheuser-Busch, TEAM Coalition and Major League of Soccer have collaborated to actualize the “Great Sport” Designated Driver Program. Fans 21 years old or more seasoned with a legitimate driver’s permit can join in a ballpark on the primary concourse close Section 114.

Duty Has Its Rewards (RHIR) is TEAM Coalition’s national sweepstakes praising everyone among the all followers who have vowed to be assigned drivers everyane through the period. These fans have focused on the Budweiser Good Sport program supported by MLS clubs, Anheuser-Busch and its wholesalers and concessionaire organizations.

Just by swearing to be Budweiser Good Sports – assigned drivers – MLS fans are qualified to be chosen as their most loved club’s Designated Driver for the Period. The Designated Drivers for the Period of the two clubs that contend in MLS Cup 2012 might be remunerated with the RHIR totalizer stupendous prize – airfare, lodging facilities and two tickets to the amusement.

From the Designated Drivers for the Gaming Period speaking to MLS groups not contending in MLS Cup 2012, TEAM may haphazardly draw a first prize victor. That champ may get airfare, lodging facilities and 2 seats to the 2013 MLS All-Star Game.


Fans that decline to take after the course of LIVESTRONG Sporting Park staff or neglect to agree to the Sporting Club Code of Conduct might be liable to discharge without a discount of their occasion ticket and may lose ticket benefits.


Lifts are situated nearby the main population and club doorways at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park. The area and accessibility of lifts are:

· East Gate Entrance (Northeast corner) – Followers with inabilities can enter in fundamental level concourse seating and benefactors with infant tramps

· Four Premium Lifts (Northwest corner) – Field Club, Shield Club and Suite ticket holders

· West Media Check-In Elevator (Sprint Plaza) – Working media as it were

Work Opportunities

On the off chance that you are occupied with winding up several portion of the Sporting Club or LIVESTRONG Sporting Park service, data on free hiring vacancies is acquired at:

· Sporting Kansas City –

· Global Spectrum (Event Staff) – or

· KC American Sportservices (Catering/Concessions) –

Passageway Enters

Every group and apartment passageways open 120 minutes before Sporting Kansas City fits for waft and holloway ticket holders’ entrance; all places are open a hour and a half preceding commencement. Passageway hours will fluctuate through occasion:

Clearing Plan

Being set up in a crisis is a standout amongst the most imperative things to recall. Acclimate yourself with the closest exit or crisis exit in your general vicinity. Families or gatherings ought to pre-assign a meeting area nearby the gaming field if they wind up noticeably isolated in a clearing.

In case you have all inquiries regarding the closest leave areas, please solicit one from our LIVESTRONG Sporting Park Guest Relations Representatives for help. Remember forget to stay cool and take after the service personal’s indications and open address declarations. For everybody’s security be kind empty a region in a deliberate way.

Official Parlor

Visitors with passes to Executive Level approach the Executive Lounge and their separate Suite situated on the west side of the gaming field on the primary places. If it’s not too much trouble enter LIVESTRONGSporting Park through the West or North Premium Entry entrance entryways to use elevator up to the primary suite seating places.

Household Lavatories

There are an aggregate of four stirps toilets that are expected just for the utilization of guardians with little youngsters and visitors with inabilities. All household toilets have child changing stations and are ADA agreeable.

Ballpark Group

Visitors with passes for the segments F1 of the Field Level – F8 approach the Ballpark Group is situated on the west side of the stadium on the field level. It would be ideal if you come into the LIVESTRONG through the West or North Premium Entry gates.

Emergency treatment Places

LIVESTRONG Sporting Park has two First Aid areas that are accessible to help fans all through the occasion. The First Aid workplaces are situated on the cluster close areas 101 and 121.

Sustenance and Drinks Policy

You are allowed to bring all kinds of drinls in the Sporting Park escept of those served by KC American Sportservice, the officially provided for the headquarters. Viewers are always asked either leave these things inside their cars or discard them at the security point before coming into the gaming field. The biggest exemptions are sustenance and drink things for newborn kids two years old or more youthful.

Entryway Opening Times

The Members’ Club and all other Premium Entry entryways open 120 minutes before planned commence time for Member’s, Premium Club and Suite ticket holders. The three open passage doors open 90 to 120 minutes before booked commence time for all ticket holders. If it’s not too much trouble see the “Passageway Gates” area of the Stadium Guide for more data.

Visitor Relations Workplaces

Such places are prepared to give you a hand to feel your visit a vital one. These workplaces are situated near the fundamental conjunction close areas 101 and 132. A portion of the administrations accessible at these two areas include: Stadium Information, Lost and Found, Child Locator Wristbands, Designated Driver Program Information, and Stroller/Wheelchair registration and visitor remark shapes.


In the event that you require help amid your visit to LIVESTRONG Sporting Park or wish to report infringement of the Code of Conduct, stadium staff can be come to at:

Instant message Hotline: Text “TextLSP’ to 80802 – with your Section, Row, Seat number and portrayal of the issue. (For crises dial 911)

Fans are urged to address the closest stadium occasion staff or security agent too.

Laser Pointers

Laser pointers are viewed as a disallowed thing at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park and are liable to appropriation if brought inside the office.

Lost and Found

Amid your visit to LIVESTRONG Sporting Park, should you lose a thing or discover something that has a place with another fan, please visit one of the Guest Relations workplaces. Claim frames are accessible to report missing things. Fans asking about lost things should call stadium administration at 913-912-7520. Things are held away for 30 days and after that are given to a nearby philanthropy. Wearing Club and LIVESTRONG Sporting Park can’t be considered in charge of lost or harmed things.

Lost People at the Stadium

Kids who are isolated from their relatives or companions might be followed by a ballpark service part to the closest Guest Relations office. All kids are urged to stop by a Guest Relations office (close segments 101 and 132) for taking a Child Locator Wristband for the time they initially come.

Lost or Stolen Tickets

Dropped od wasted tickets can be supplanted just under specific conditions. It would be ideal if you talk to the Ticket Office for substitution rules.

Media Entrance and Check-In

Media is open for three hours preceding Sporting Kansas City coordinate begin its work. It is situated on the near the film industry and door on the west. Everybody with media-pass are allowed to visit the gaming field through their own gates. Media registration is situated on the west side of LIVESTRONG Sporting Park situated in the West Tower. The photograph studio is situated in the southwest corner of the field level of the ballpark. Media using the photograph workshop or fourth estate range ought to use the press lift situated close to the media registration section.

Individuals’ Group

Followers keeping cards for the Participants’ place, segments M1 – M9 approach the Members’ Club situated on the upper ballpark eastern corner. Kindly entering the Sporting Park through the Members’ Club gate entryways on the athletics field upper eastern part.

Card-pass holder for this segment can go in no less than an hour and a half preceding commencement and might be situated a hour and a half before commence. All stadium visitors are not allowed to use the the Members Club gate at the finish of each Sporting Kansas coordinate with a legitimate pass-kard.

Starting and shutting times of the Members Club are liable to change. Entering in a club may differ for uncommon occasions (shows, and so forth.)


Official Sporting Kansas City group stock is accessible at the gaming field group stock situated on the fundamental conjunction close segments 114 and 131. Furthermore, there are stock stands situated on the confluence of the LIVESTRONG.

Field Club, Shield Club and Suite ticket holders can likewise get to the Shield Club to buy Sporting Kansas City stock. The Members Club likewise has a stock remain for Participants ticket holders as it were. Stock areas may differ for other stadium occasions (show, and so forth.).

Commotion Making Gadgets

Melodic tools or any sorts of commotion made gadgets not endorsed by the Sporting Kansas are prohibited inside the LIVESTRONG. This incorporates, yet is not restricted to, things, for example, shrieks, vuvuzelas, air horns, blasts and so on.

Taking a Break Officers

Taking a break cops with any inquiries before an occasion at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park are made a request to speak with David Dollase at 913-912-7502 or


We do not provide pay-stations accessible to fans. Anytime, they can ask for the utilization of a telephone at the two Guest Relations areas if necessary(their own decision which one to choose), that situated on the cluster close segments 101 and 132.

Athletic Place – No Violating

We remind followers that endeavoring to go into the ballpark not having the correct accreditation might be counted violating and is justification for quick launch and capture.


Just individual radios with earphones are not permitted in the LIVESTRONG. Every admirer appreciate the activity on the stadium, radios worked without earphones are allowed.


Donning the LIVESTRONG urge every followers to reuse. The reusing actions in LIVESTRONG incorporates: reusing compartments on the Sprint Plaza, at the gates areas and nearby the conjunctions. If it’s not too much trouble check the signboard on the reusing compartments to guarantee you’re reusing the best possible things. We trust to every of our followers so they can take after Park’s reusing activities amid their occasion time encounter!


As per MLS and the Club defence systems, admirers are prohibited to go out and into the ballpark again utilizing a similar crad-pass. And that;s impossible to find special cases for this strategy.


More than thirty open restrooms are situated all in The Park. All men, ladies and family restrooms are ADA open and furnished with an infant evolving station. If it’s not too much trouble approach any staff part for bearings to the closest toilet.


Radio recurrence checking gadgets are restricted in LIVESTRONG.

The Defence Process

As through actual MLS Best Practices for ballpark defence, all followers might be liable to protection service review preceding passage in the LIVESTRONG, with a physical search and investigation of all things brought to a workshop.

Admirers can aid this technique by evacuating their caps and discharging their pouches of any things previously achieving the stadium service part. The ones that choose not to agree to this scanning might be prohibited passage into the athletic field. Because of this defence technique, people are urged to go on the territory of our athletic park no less than 45 minutes before commence.

Segways and Tri-Bikes

Segways and Tri-Bikes are prohibited for all guests of the LIVESTRONG.


You ought to know that those sports are prohibited in the LIVESTRONG.


People ought to know that appropriation of flags, booklets, business cards, fliers, business promoting, flyers, organizers, handbills, flyers, sees, leaflets, notices, stickers or whatever other composed, printed or potentially painted materials is denied at LIVESTRONG and every through encompassing office.


Fans entering LIVESTRONG Sporting Park are made a requirement to appreciate the diversion from the solace of the places demonstrated on the card-passes. If it’s not too much trouble remember that when you stand, you hinder the perspective being in front of different fans.

It is not Sporting Club’s goal to restrict fan’s satisfaction in the amusement and energizes cheering after awesome plays, yet persistent remaining in seating ranges won’t go on without serious consequences. Remaining to watch the diversion is allowed for those sitting in the Members’ stand, Budweiser Terrace and north side of the principle concourse level.

All regions must remain clear for fans utilizing restrooms, buying concessions and utilizing different offices situated on the concourses. It would be ideal if you take after the headings of LIVESTRONG Sporting Park work force.


LIVESTRONG Sporting Park invites fans with strollers. Be that as it may, strollers are denied from all stadium seating segments and concourse regions. All strollers must be checked in at the closest Guest Relations office amid the diversion, situated close segments 101 and 132 on the concourse. Premium ticket holders must be checked in at each individual attendant work area.


There are 37 suites at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park. The outline, work out and furniture inside the suites coordinate the general design attributes of the stadium. Suites are situated on the west side of the stadium. For more data on suites at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park, please call 913-951-3550 or email


Tickets for LIVESTRONG Sporting Park occasions might be bought in the accompanying ways:

· Ticketmaster outlets, The Ticketmaster Phone Center (800-745-3000) and

· The “Ticket” area on (All Stadium Events) and (Sporting Kansas City amusements)

· LIVESTRONG Sporting Park Box Office. Check for stadium film industry hours.

Sorts of Payment Accepted – Any Credit Cards and Cash

Ticket Re-deal/Scalping

The resale of occasion tickets, paying little heed to cost, is denied at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park. Fans that buy tickets from somebody other than Sporting Club, LIVESTRONG Sporting Park Box Office or Ticketmaster do as such at their own particular hazard. Tickets from an unapproved dealer could be fake.

Brandishing Club and LIVESTRONG Sporting Park are not in charge of and may not give a substitution or discount of any sorts for invalid tickets obtained through an optional ticket supplier.


With a secured rooftop over all seating segments and per stadium strategies, umbrellas are not required or allowed inside LIVESTRONG Sporting Park. It would be ideal if you abandon them inside your vehicles before entering the stadium.


Visitors are prohibited to have them or whatever other weapons at the LIVESTRONG Sportings. Act implementation authorities going to the occasion are not restricted to take any gun to the gaming field on the off chance that he/she is assigned by their area of expertise and is in consistence with Kansas officer models and preparing board prerequisites.

Will Call

The will call windows are situated at the west film industry, on the west side of the gaming field between the Sprint and West Gates. The west film industry is free for a long time preceding commencement and finishes at part-day/recess.

Will Call pass-cards can be guaranteed just by the individual whose name shows up on the will call ticket pack. The picture of state or government ID is need alongside charge card confirmation.