What is Casino Fundraising Night?

The casino is not just a funny way of getting entertainment but it is also a nice opportunity to fundraise some money for good goals. On such events, guests can play their favorite games, participate in tournaments and treat themselves to some delicious foods and drinks. Selling tickets can cover your venue and catering spendings just for its own, so all the benefits collected through gambling can go directly to your charity fund. According to the rules, no one can use this money for their personal expenses. Prizes also must be announced before the start and cannot be determined based on the size of the earnings. There are four types of fundraising nights you can organize:

  • vegas nights;
  • poker tournaments;
  • mixed casino;
  • real money.
    No matter what kind you decide on, gamblers always attend it with great pleasure.
    casino fundraising night

    Make Your Choice For any Occasion at any Venue

    Corporate events and office parties may feature table and card games as their main entertainment. It is very popular nowadays and there are lots of companies that accommodate such nights on a professional level. And WE are no exception. Firstly, we hire an excellent staff, including event manager, translators, photographers, and croupiers, who interact with guests and create a friendly atmosphere.

    There are also up to 30 full-size tables that feature 6 all-time favorite activities provided. In addition, more chips per table can be included, so twice as many people can join the entertainments. Cater dinner is also proposed during all the evening, so gamblers can have easy access to snacks and drinks on their own choice.

    Online Tournaments

    Playing only on the slot machines can get a bit boring, so gamblers often feel more enthusiastic about competing with each other. Now, there are lots of tournaments in casinos that are organized daily, weekly, and monthly. Online competitions are the most popular, because of their accessibility, cool prizes, and lots of options. Unlike any regular betting house, you can win large amount with the initial bet of just a few dollars playing online. Our Company provides a special 3-room location with 10 computers in each, about 80 games, and multiple bonuses for guests. These are quite proper facilities for having a great time.

    Blackjack Competition

    Blackjack competition attracts many players, so usually, they take place in several rounds. At our charity event, every table will start with approximately 6 guests, allowing only 2 in the next stage. The number of chips is the same for everyone in the beginning, whereas the number of hands usually varies from 15 to 30. As a rule, after each game, all the players will be assigned to different tables. Prize pools are conducted from the entry fees paid by participants and always feature some luxurious items.

    Baccarat Arena

    Normal baccarat is an extremely fun activity, but participating in a real tournament in this game goes far beyond. First, you must pay a fee in order to join the competition and try your winning luck. The championship usually consists of multiple rounds with the specified number of deals for each. The winner is the person who has the largest amount of chips at the end of the game.

    Prizes are very generous and absolutely worth of all the efforts you put into. There are multiple strategies for making your results better and finally reaching success. One of them is to place lower wagers at the beginning and start betting more aggressively towards the end. Being sure in yourself is really important – big wins are completely real.

    Roulette Tourney

    Roulette tourneys are not something very common, so don’t worry if you do not have much experience in competing. There are a couple of rounds you should go through in order to become a winner. Uniquely, during such championship, you are allowed to cash out your funds and quit at any point. To participate, you must pay an entry fee, which goes towards prize pool. There are usually up to 20 gamblers competing on the initial table, which ensures a decent level of competition during the game.

    Slots Contests

    Since slots are very popular nowadays, contests in this game take place regularly. Even though the times are announced in advance, entries fill up within the first couple of days. When gamblers get together at the given time, each of them gets assigned to a separate fruit machine. The winner is declared based on the largest sum won during the last round. There are many kinds of slot tournaments you should consider:

  • invitational;
  • buy-in;
  • guaranteed pot.
    The main advantage of all of them is that a gambler gets to play multiple games with just having to pay an entry fee once. Attending such a night can bring you many opportunities: meeting successful people who share your interests, and, of course, helping others.
    casino fundraising night

    Live Auction

    A live auction – the culmination of our event. The items we are going to offer can’t leave anyone indifferent. So, just visit our “auction house”, have a great time and make somebody a bit happier!

    Some lots are gonna be the features to an awesome bonus – tickets to blackjack tournaments! Generally, the person with the most generous bet wins the bargain. In the end, all funds are going to be transferred to children’s foundation.

    Live Dealer Games Benefits

    On our fundraising events, we are going to invite dealers so that guests can enjoy both live and online games. Blackjack, roulette, baccarat are among the most popular options. For your efforts, you can also get some wonderful prizes. However, every player has an opportunity to try them once in every suitable game.

    Welcome Bonus

    You can get some extra cash and increase your winnings with a welcome bonus. This promotion is available only to guests who have bought at least one lot on our auction. Blackjack, roulette, and baccarat are the only amusements where you can find this wonderful opportunity.

    Free Roulette Twist

    Free roulette twist with no losing your bet is a nice chance for auction’s guests to increase their winning potential. If you do win, great prizes will be given out! However, only participants who have made a contribution of at least $1,000 can benefit from this exclusive promotion.


    If you are a determined gambler, you can also count on getting special credits. A number of awards vary from $10 to $150. You can also try your winning luck near every live dealer game table. This opportunity is available only for roulette, blackjack, and baccarat.

    Satisfy Your Gamble Passion with Usefulness for Others

    As we have mentioned, there are multiple companies that can be both sponsors and organizers of a fundraising nights. All money collected from entertainments and guests’ contributions are going to be transferred to children’s foundation. So if you are a real gambler, no matter ‘advanced’ or ‘beginner’, you should definitely come and visit one of our events. Enjoyment and good entertainment are guaranteed!