What is Livestrong Sporting Park?


Out project is altering a method individuals take part in the battle with disease by bridling the enthusiasm and duty of admirers through the group of games and diversion. Situated in Kansas City, LIVESTRONG Sporting Park is the main generous stadium on the planet.

about livestrong

The Club and the game of european football give LIVESTRONG an unbelievable chance to distribule wellbeing and prosperity reports that increases tha chances of peoples survival.

LIVESTRONG’s sports legacy helps the organization with a mind blowing chance to additionally draw into the groups of onlookers in the battle with disease. A part of the field incomes at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park, with ducket business and rebates, will subsidize LIVESTRONG’s work in the battle with malignancy, starting preparation for creating neighborhood administrations for the growth group in the Kanzas.

LIVESTRONG is of the Lance’s Armstrong Foundation brand , made in the end of 90-s by the growth survived and champion cyclist to serve individuals living with malignancy and engage groups to make a move. For more data visit LIVESTRONG.org.