About LIVESTRONG Sporting Park


LIVESTRONG Sporting Park is revolutionizing the way people engage in the fight against cancer by harnessing the passion and commitment of fans through the community of sports and entertainment.  Located in Kansas City, LIVESTRONG Sporting Park is the first philanthropic stadium in the world.

Sporting Club and the sport of soccer provide LIVESTRONG a great opportunity to spread health and wellness messages that underscore the spirit of cancer survivorship.

LIVESTRONG’s athletic heritage makes this new partnership with Sporting Club an incredible opportunity to further engage new audiences in the fight against cancer. A portion of all stadium revenues at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park, including ticket sales and concessions, will fund LIVESTRONG’s work in the fight against cancer, and lay the groundwork for developing local services for the cancer community in Kansas City.

LIVESTRONG is the brand of the Lance Armstrong Foundation, created in 1997 by the cancer survivor and champion cyclist to serve people living with cancer and empower communities to take action.  For more information visit LIVESTRONG.org.